88th x 11 mile is a team who used the intersection of one's ideas to build unforgettable experiences.

Kenneth "Kenway Live" Wilson and Alex McChester are two millennial entrepreneurs that came together to create something bigger than themselves. These two black men understood the importance in being able to create an environment in which young professionals could network and congregate.  See, in Los Angeles, there was an true absence for events that embodied the number one rule of partying which was having fun.  Both Kenneth and Alex were able to see this opportunity gap from miles away in which they could feed the needs of the LA event scene. With that notion, the creation of 88th x 11 Mile was the answer to the overwhelming issue of finding events that promoted fun, safety, and the ability to create one-of-a-kind events! 88th x 11 Mile is a team that fuses their unique talents, creativity, and business acumen to create experiences that will be long talked about for generations to come. Formed in Los Angeles in the year of 2017, 88th x 11 Mile is the convergence of ideas, perspectives, and creativity of these two young men. The name 88th x 11 Mile spawns from each of them wanting to pay homage to their neighborhood blocks within their respective cities; Inglewood, Ca and Southfield, MI. 88th x 11 Mile is a team that utilizes their events as a way to create everlasting memories for this generation and generations to come!